The Dwarven Mountain

Realm of the Outlands
Home of 3 dwarven Powers: Vergadain (Wealth & Luck), Dugmaren Brightmantle (Invention & Discovery) & Dumathoin (Mines & Exploration)
Powers not interested in surface, so anyone can live on the mountain
Nearest surface community is Ironridge
Not super friendly to non-dwarves
Produces best weapons & armor in the Outlands
Sedus Backbreaker – Best guide in the mountain
Lzuli Clearfacet – Proxy of Vergadain

Closest to peak is Vegadain’s domain
Many gaming halls and treasure houses
Cheating at games is a capital offence
Strongale Hall – said that one can gamble anything here

Further down is Dugmaren’s domain
Furnaces, smelters, forges, villages, libraries filled with tomes on metallurgy
Those with no trade aren’t wanted
Pyrus Chertchip – Librarian
Soot Hall

Deepest domain is Dumathoin’s
Cold caverns and mines
Outsiders not allowed to touch the gems and minerals
Steelblade – Dwarven petitioner mind-burned by Ilsensine and returned as a spy
Deepshaft Hall

The Dwarven Mountain

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